Kate Beckinsale Asks Jorge

Update: 23:00 Thanks to Sawyer840 for the scan.

Thanks to Christopher for the heads up on this little article in TV Guide Magazine Kate Beckinsale asks Jorge

Thanks to Christopher for the heads up on this little article in TV Guide Magazine, Issue January 12th 2009 (Page 16)

“What’s going to happen to Hurley on my favorite show, Lost?” -Kate Beckinsale

Well, Kate, catch the two-hour season premiere January 21. Jorge Garcia (Hurley) tells me his character starts out where he left off: on the run with Sayid, having fled the Santa Rosa mental hospital. In the second hour, Hurley takes center stage, reuniting with Ana Lucia and his dad. In early February, he appears with Jack and Ben. Later in the season, expect him to bond with mysterious Miles (Ken Leung). “We may have a similar gift,” Jorge says of Hurley’s ability to talk to the dead. Tragically, there will soon be a new corpse to communicate with amongst the cast.

Source: TV Guide

Set Photos Pre-Xmas

Thanks to DarkUFO reader D-Unit for the following informasi and photos from his visit to the set before Xmas.

Here are the pictures I mentioned some time ago. They are a couple weeks old, but they do show that the filming at Camp Erdman and that the Beach set is being reconstructed. It’s amazing that the Beach set is so close to actual civilization. You’re literally less than 100 yards from some peoples back yards. Feel free to post them if you would like.

I believe from what we were told, that these pictures would fit in around Episodes 9, 10, 11, and possibly 12. At Erdman we see trailers for Sayid, Juliet, Jack, Kate, Locke, Hurley, and Sawyer. Locke’s was gone the next time we visited while the others names were still listed. We even saw Jorge being driven from Erdman to the staging area just off the highway at Dillingham as it was near lunch time and everyone was eating under a tent.

Source: D-Unit@DarkUFO