Small Snippet From Evangeline Lilly

Thanks to Lyly for this translation of a recent French Article.

Evangeline Lilly alias Kate on Lost (TF1 my french channel) spent the end of the year with Dominic Monaghan, her boyfriend since 5 years. Both have chosen to go in Switzerland to finally have “a white christmas” told E. During lost break, the actress will do anyways the promotion of her first movie in theatre “Afterwards” (on cinema in france, January 17th) where she plays with Romain Duris.

January21th, american viewers will discover lost season 5. Kate became very different: she have been “saved” from the island and she became mother, told us Evangeline. “For this 5th season, I want to say to viewers to be very patient because the first part of the season5 is complicated. It’s again a puzzle where you’ll learn about characters by small parts to small parts. In the second part of the season 5, your patience will be rewarded.

Source: Lyly