Screeners Are Out – The Yes/No Q&A Session

Update: 31st Dec The Submission Queue is now open again. Please post your Questions Answers Post which I will keep updated.

Update: 11:20 My contact has told me that he will try to send through the answers 2-3 times a day where time permits up until Monday 5th Jan. He’ll send me the first batch of answers a little later today.

As some of you may or may not know, ABC yesterday released Screener copies of Episode 5.01 and Episode 5.02 to media outlets via their ABC Medianet site. One of my contacts who has seen both episodes has kindly agreed to take part in a Q&A session for DarkUFO readers. He will only be able to provide us with Yes/No answers to your questions as to preserve his confidentiality agreement with ABC.

So up until Monday 5th Jan he will post his answers to all your questions. The rules for this Q/A are nice and simple.

1) Only 1 question per person
2) All questions should be in a form that can be answered with a simple Yes or No.

So think hard before posting your question and leave them in this thread. The Answers will be made available sometime in the afternoon of Monday 5th Jan. Remember the answers will be for the first 2 episodes only.