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Thanks to Lisa for the heads up.

THE big secret of “Lost” is finally out.

After four years, the mystery of “Lost” is revealed in the first few minutes of this Bandar Ceme season’s much-anticipated fifth season debut, Jan. 19.

If you think you already know too much about what’s in store, stop reading now.

At bottom, “Lost” is about time travel. That is what rescued the show last season from two seasons of go-nowhere stories.

The stories began to flash forward – and the focus moved past the romantic triangle of Jack, Sawyer and Kate.

The upcoming revelation will lay to rest years of Internet wrangling and instantly settle about a million fevered questions between dedicated fans about what the heck has been going on this whole time.

Without revealing details, the remote island so integral to the lives of the castaways is home to what a very important scientist on the show calls “virtually unlimited power.” And the “power” has been harnessed, quite haphazardly, for time travel.

“You have no idea how difficult it would be for me to explain this phenomenon to a quantum physicist,” well-meaning super-scientist Daniel tells Sawyer, the island’s loveable marooned scoundrel who has remained unhappily confused and shirtless since last season.

Time travel this season appears to have replaced flashbacks and flash-forwards.

Instead, while watching memories of the past or events in the future, chunks of the entire cast are sent skipping through time, like a needle on a vinyl record.

Of course, since this is “Lost,” even with the big reveal out in the open, there are only a million other questions left unanswered. (After all, the show still has two years before its agreed-upon finale.)

For now, the story seems to have turned on itself. For at least part of the new season, the folks on the island don’t know where or – more specifically, when – they are.

The action jumps between the handful of people who escaped the island last season, only to find themselves much worse off for leaving, and their friends who are still trapped on the time-warping island.

Like the classic 1937 Frank Capra film, “Lost Horizon,” the cast of “Lost” finds itself struggling to get back and set things right.

Source: NY Post

Hangman 2

Update: 00:00 And we have a winner! My source is VERY impressed and as such may do 1 more before the premiere on the 21st seeing as how good everyone was. He says his next one will probably be 10 times harder!

Update 2: 23:10 The letter S has been revealed (Congrats it revealed the most!) and a new poll posted. This is most likely the last letter revealed tonight.I need my beauty sleep  My source is VERY impressed and as such may do  Hangman 2

Update 2: 21:30 The letter T has been revealed (Congrats it revealed the most!) and a new poll posted.
Update 2: 18:40 The letter C has been revealed (Congrats it revealed the most!) and a new poll posted.
Update 1: 15:40 The letter M has been revealed (Congrats it revealed the most!) and a new poll posted.

After all the great feedback from you about the last hangman, I thought we’d run 1 more before the Premiere on the 21st. This is from another source who thinks he can make this one a bit harder (even I don’t know what the text is). When we get closer I’ll put it behind an “Are You Sure” button.

Here is what he has told me.

1) It’s one long run-on sentence with no punctuation.
2) There are NO “X”‘s or “Q”‘s in the puzzle
3) He will supply me with the letters for the next poll every 4 to 5 hours.
4) He has started us off with the letters P and Y

*t t** *** ** *p* ** s**s** * **** **y*s *s c******t** *y ****s ** **s **tc***
*** *** t***s t* p**s**** **** t* c*m* **t* **m **c* t* c**p **** *s****
**** t****s ****t *t *** * ***** *** t*** **m*m***s ***t s*y** t*** **m **
*** t**t ** s***** **t t**st *****m** *t *** s* ** t****s * s*****c* *t *** *** ***s **t
t* t** p***c* c** t**t *s **tc**** **s ***s* *** s********s t* t** p***c* ***
c****ss*s t**t ** **s ****** s*m**** m******** *** ***s **c* **s*** **t** ** t***
m**ts **t* *******s *** *s sc******** c***y st*** ** * c**** *****

Latest From Kristin

Here is the latest from Kristin. FYI It’s Daniel who Sawyer slaps.

Denny in Addison, Texas: Can you just do an entire spoiler chat on Lost please?
Check below the spoiler line for goodies! (All the Ghost Whisperer fans get mad if we only cover Lost, so we have to mix it up.) But to keep you busy for now, Ajira Airways has launched and has a special feature for passengers wanting to book a flight. For only $87, Destination: Destiny allows the airline to choose “an unknown fateful destination of your destiny.” Reminds me of that runway the Others were building. Could the Island be one of the landing sites?

Andy in Austin, Texas: More Lost goodies please!
Darlton did say there would be flashbacks and that flash-forwards would not be as prominent this season, but in the first hour of the premiere, we see a past and present Desmond (and both of them are hot).

Meg in Hamburg, Germany: Kristin, what can you tell me about Jack in the season premiere of Lost? He’s still my favorite!
I can tell you that Ben Linus is many things, but he is not a drug-addiction enabler, and with Ben’s “help” Jack seems to be getting off the junk. Oh, and Ben seems to imply that if Jack goes back to the Island he’ll never be able to return to the real world. Whaaat!

Carrie in Cleveland: Got any hot gossip on Lost? Or better yet, hot gossip on Lost’s hot separated lovers Kate and Sawyer? January is too far away to wait! Thanks!
You know how Sawyer is always getting smacked in the face? Well, Sawyer finally gets to do a little bitch-slapping of his own in the premiere, and it’s pretty hilarious.

Source: E!Online

Latest From Ausiello – Update About Charlotte

As most of you know, Charlotte is seen with a nosebleed in promos and in some angles it even seems like she is passed out.

Well when Ausiello from EW was asked about a major character death he said that he does not know of any, but that a “female cast-member isn’t long for this world.” He confirms that this character recently signed a Hollywood movie and that means it probably does not look to good as well.

Of course he is talking about Charlotte, but I have no idea if he is saying she might die!?

What do you all think?

Kate Beckinsale Asks Jorge

Update: 23:00 Thanks to Sawyer840 for the scan.

Thanks to Christopher for the heads up on this little article in TV Guide Magazine Kate Beckinsale asks Jorge

Thanks to Christopher for the heads up on this little article in TV Guide Magazine, Issue January 12th 2009 (Page 16)

“What’s going to happen to Hurley on my favorite show, Lost?” -Kate Beckinsale

Well, Kate, catch the two-hour season premiere January 21. Jorge Garcia (Hurley) tells me his character starts out where he left off: on the run with Sayid, having fled the Santa Rosa mental hospital. In the second hour, Hurley takes center stage, reuniting with Ana Lucia and his dad. In early February, he appears with Jack and Ben. Later in the season, expect him to bond with mysterious Miles (Ken Leung). “We may have a similar gift,” Jorge says of Hurley’s ability to talk to the dead. Tragically, there will soon be a new corpse to communicate with amongst the cast.

Source: TV Guide

Michael Emerson – Season 5 Interview

Thanks to TomIfor the heads up. And here starts the annual Michael Emerson 5 Million interviews :). Not that I’m complaining as I Bandar Ceme Online don’t think he’s ever done a bad Interview.

With season five of “Lost” just around the corner, I had chance to catch up with Michael Emerson who plays Benjamin Linus as the clock ticks down to the premiere.

Q: Last time we talked you professed your hope to get back to the stage. Have you had the opportunity to do any theater recently?
I haven’t because of scheduling. I’m beginning to think that there will be no stage work for me until Lost is over. We have such a narrow summer break. We have three months but it’s a very particular three months. I have a certain amount of visibility now so if they are gonna put me in a play it will probably be a substantial part which will entail a longer commitment. So I’ll just have to settle for drips and drabs of things I guess until then.

Q: When you get the opportunity to act on stage now is it work or a chance to recharge your batteries?
It’s exciting you get back to that more primal anxiety of a live performance. No rewind, no outtakes. And it’s far more rewarding. When you get the emotion on the spot like that, there is no feeling like it.

Q: You told me that before last season’s finale, three endings where shot for the simpulan scene. What was your first reaction when you realized it was Locke in the coffin?
I said, “Yes. Of course it has to be that.” The writers have an instinct to find the highest possible stakes. You say “It can’t be John Locke.” So the writers think alright let’s make it Locke. Lets find out how that works. They constantly meet you and raise you.

Q: In season five we find you right where we left you, over Locke’s body standing next to Jack. Do you think Locke is truly dead?
Well, he’s dead there. There are many places in the space/time continuum In one place we are one thing. In others we are something else.

Q: Headed to the new season will we get any new clues as to who Ben is and what he wants?
What is his uber-purpose? I think in a year we are gonna have this same convo. The answer to who and what Ben is part of the answer to the whole thing. It will continue to be reconceptualized. Ben’s past, his future. I think this is question that will be answered in the last three episodes.

Q: This season, the show has seemed to ditch the straight flash format and has moved on to something else.
I think everything is flash now. Flash forward flash back flash present flash other present. Other time zone other geographical zone. They’ve done what they do every year which is crank it one more notch in terms of narrative device. Every year they invent a device to tell the story they want to tell. It’s chaotic but stimulating.

Q: I read that Sterling Beaumon who plays Young Ben is back this year? Is that true?
I’ve seen him on the set. We should get a little more back story.

Q: In the first episode of the new season Ben tells Jack to pack anything he wants because he never coming back. What do you get from that?
That’s one of those things Ben says that I think we should take at face value. Based on his knowledge, they pasded through some kind of window and wont be able to go back through it.

Q: You’ve said before that you believe Ben is free floating through time and space. What did you mean?
When these wormholes are passed through, I don’t think they are purely temporal. They are temporal and geographical. When Ben pushed the donkey wheel and moved the island, he moved in time and space. His next waking moment he’s in his parka in the middle of the Sahara. And that’s not only a great distance but he calculated it was like a year and a half later. But I don’t think he has any control of that.

Q: With your wife getting a “Lost” role, any chance we’ll see you on her new HBO show, “True Blood”?
It’s a great show. I hope they show her off a bit more. I don’t know. I would love to make an appearance on “True Blood.” I would want to be something else though. Maybe a vampire, I dunno. I don’t know what there is left to be done.

Q: Any Ben-patented cryptic hints you might be able to throw us about what we can look forward to this season?
It would be safe to say that Ben has not yet lost his capacity to take a licking.
There’s more but I don’t want to be spoiling anything. I’ll give it to you after the premiere.

Source: Three8Six

Small Song Snippet

Thanks to Daniele for the heads up.

Clark’s “Downtown.” Now there’s another one to add to that list: “Shotgun Willie” by Willie Nelson.

Where and when the song is played and who listens to it I won’t say but, as the song goes, “You can’t make a record if you ain’t got nothin’ to say.”

Much like all uses of music, the song is very effective and quite eerie. There is also some very significant symbolism when it’s played that viewers will only fully appreciate on multiple viewings.

Source: The Tailsection

Thanks to GregDean for the video and Lyrics

And the lyrics…

Shotgun Willie sits around in his underwear
Bitin’ a bullet, pullin’ out all of his hair
Shotgun Willie has got all of his family there

You can’t make a record if you ain’t got nothin’ to say
You can’t make a record if you ain’t got nothin’ to say
You can’t play music if you don’t know nothin’ to play

repeat 1st verse

Well, John T. (Fours) was workin’ with the Klu Klux Klan
The six foot five John T was a hell of a man
Made a lot of money sellin’ sheets on the family plan


Set Photos Pre-Xmas

Thanks to DarkUFO reader D-Unit for the following informasi and photos from his visit to the set before Xmas.

Here are the pictures I mentioned some time ago. They are a couple weeks old, but they do show that the filming at Camp Erdman and that the Beach set is being reconstructed. It’s amazing that the Beach set is so close to actual civilization. You’re literally less than 100 yards from some peoples back yards. Feel free to post them if you would like.

I believe from what we were told, that these pictures would fit in around Episodes 9, 10, 11, and possibly 12. At Erdman we see trailers for Sayid, Juliet, Jack, Kate, Locke, Hurley, and Sawyer. Locke’s was gone the next time we visited while the others names were still listed. We even saw Jorge being driven from Erdman to the staging area just off the highway at Dillingham as it was near lunch time and everyone was eating under a tent.

Source: D-Unit@DarkUFO